What are the products/services of WAG ?
WAG. is a rooftop solar power company based out of Mumbai and it has a branch offices in Gujarat & MP. We help residences,buinesses,cooperatives,Industries,Hospitals,Schools etc in reducing their electricity bills by installing customized rooftop solar power systems.

How does rooftop solar power system work?
Solar panels installed on the rooftop of a building convert sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity. A solar inverter connected to the solar panels converts DC electricity into AC (alternating current) electricity, which typically powers the home appliances.

What home appliances can run on solar energy?
Solar energy can run any appliance at home. Your rooftop solar system works in parallel with your electricity utility hence if there is a short fall of solar energy, excess power will be provided by the electricity utility.

How does net metering work with rooftop solar power system?
You can install a rooftop solar system and consume the energy generated, however, if you are not consuming the entire energy, the excess units can be exported back to your utility. This process is called net metering – Your monthly electricity bill will reflect that “net” units you consume i.e. what you import or buy from the utility less what you export or sell

As an example:

  • Say you import 500 units and export 400 units – you monthly bill will be for 100 units
  • Say you import 400 units and export 500 units – you will be credited for 100 units which will be carried over to the following month

The advantage of net metering is that you don’t need a battery to store energy as any excess solar power is exported back to the electricity utility for a later consumption

Who will work with the electricity utility?
WAG will interface with the utility on your behalf

How much space do we need?
Thumb rule is 100 sq.ft. per KW of shade free area

What is the life of  a solar energy system?

  • The life of the solar energy system is 25 years
  • Two key components of the solar power system are solar panels and a solar inverter which form about 70 – 75% of the total cost
  • Panels have a life of 25 years; Inverter may need to be replaced after 10 – 12 years but the cost will be marginal to account for today
  • All other equipment have a standard life of electrical goods

Who will do the maintenance if things break down?
As such, rooftop solar needs minimal maintenance; a monthly clean-up of the panels is necessary, which we are happy to train you to do. In addition, maintenance of your system is free for 5 years, after which we can sign an Annual Maintenance Contract at very reasonable rates.

What happens when it’s rainy, cloudy?

  • Your solar energy system will work at low efficiency (compared to clear sunny day) on a rainy, cloudy day
  • In our calculations, we consider roughly 60-65 rainy / foggy days in India, and hence we assume 300 sunny days for our payback calculations

Is this the same as solar water heater?

  • No, solar water heater uses Sun’s energy to heat water. Solar PV (Photovoltaic) or solar energy is the generation of electricity using sunlight
  • These are two very different concepts but both using the same source – the Sun

What happens if there is a power cut? I already have an inverter at home.

  • A electricity utility connected net metering system does not work when there is a power cut and that is because the electricity utility provides a reference voltage for your solar power system. During a power cut, the reference voltage drops hence solar power system shuts off
  • You have the option of going with a hybrid system (with batteries) to provide the reference voltage during a power cut but such a system costs 30 – 40% higher and requires regular maintenance of the batteries
  • Batteries will need to be replaced every 5 – 6 years

There is a high upfront investment, do banks give loans?

  • Yes, EMI options are available through WAG’s network of Banks and lending agencies
  • If required, WAG will arrange the financing for you

I have a home loan; can I get a top-up for solar?
Yes, you can get a top-up, WAG will be happy to assist you with the paperwork

Solar panel prices are falling rapidly, why cannot I wait for a year or two more before I go solar?

  • While we agree that costs have fallen by over 50% in the last 4 years, the market does not expect the costs to fall by the same pace going forward
  • The bill savings you have between now and going solar at a later date will outweigh the marginal savings on the installation cost
  • Solar energy is more than just economics, it’s about energy security and making a difference by going green – there is no good time for that, right now is the best time

How much time would it take for WAG to install rooftop solar power system on my house?

  • Installation time for a 5 KW system takes 3 to 4 days. However, the entire process might take 4-5 weeks depending on your electricity utility,backend paperwork

Is there a place I can get more information?

WAG Office +91-2717489722
Sachin Chauhan +91-9167871501
Neha Chauhan +91-9099198521
Murtuja Barad  +91-9173884863
Vara Rushiraj  +91-9033668605
Tarun Nautiyal +91-9898533521